Blog 9

As the internet becomes more and more integral to everyday life, privacy has become a hot topic. With companies like Acxiom selling our personal information, people have become very concerned about their personal privacy being in the hands of the wrong people. Identity theft is a major epidemic, hacking has invaded international politics, and people everywhere are feeling unsafe.

Just last week, my bank called me to tell me that someone had used my credit card information to make a purchase and that they had to shut my card down. In my own life, the only real threat that worries me about internet privacy is the financial side. I do think that banks and credit companies will get better at preventing this. It is a fairly new problem so I think it will get  better in the next few years.

It makes sense for people to worry about how their social media information is being used and sold. Even with government intervention, I can’t see this issue getting better. Selling personal information is so lucrative and helpful to corporations, I think there will be a lot of pushing back on cracking down. It is scary that somewhere an extensive file about me is constantly being compiled. The only thing we can really do to combat our super private information getting into the wrong hands is be as responsible as we can on social media, email, etc.

The main thing about this security problem that citizens should find disturbing is the government keeping an eye on all of us online. This is toeing the line of totalitarianism and all of sudden, if we let this get worse, we could be living in a country without access to the global internet.


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