Blog #7

I don’t really remember life without computers. By the time I was old enough to have real memories, computers were pretty much a staple for modern life and education. I always had computers at school and once I reached middle school, I had a lot of homework that required a computer and internet access.

As a kid, I loved the computer. There were a lot of games I loved on the internet. However, I always hated doing homework on the computer. It seemed like everything was complicated and unreliable. Computers were always important in my education. In elementary school, we had “computer” class once a week where we would do things such as practice typing and learn how to make documents. If we finished our work early we got to play Oregon Trail, the best computer game ever. In middle school, I took several computer-related classes. In one of these, we learned the basics of making a website and how to make a gif, but I don’t really remember much else.

In high school, we were required to take three years of technology classes. As I talked about in my previous blog, my high school was a technology school. We had a lot of options, from graphic design to website coding to actually making computers. I am really thankful that I got to take these kinds of classes in high school because the skills I learned were really useful. It was nice to learn something that you knew could be useful in the real world sometimes. I also discovered my passion for graphic design because of these opportunities.


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