Blog #5

While the internet brought major advancements to society as a whole, there is a really dark aspect of it as well. Harassment, hate speech, and libel is a big problem on internet forums, social media, blogs, and pretty much anywhere else on the net. Unfortunately, women, people of color, and other minorities have taken the brunt of this problem.

Though blogging contributes to this problem, I think the problem is much greater than one internet medium. Social media, especially, has created a safe haven for people to harass others with no punishments. I find it very upsetting the type of things that are said to and about women, people of color, and other minorities online every single day. However, government censorship is a very tricky subject. It can feel totalitarian to be limited in speech.

Personally, I would like to see websites, such as WordPress, regulating their users’ content in a better way. I think it would be a good place to start to hold the companies that provide a space for people to spout hate speech accountable in the fight to keep the internet safer. While I understand that sometimes the damage is done once someone posts something defamatory about another person, if the original poster is removed from that website, it could keep further hateful comments from appearing online.

It is very important that people are allowed to express their thoughts on the internet, but when it comes to harmful comments, there should be no place for that online.


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