Blog #2 – Music Technology

I have loved and listened to music for my whole life. Since childhood I have collected CDs, and with the recent vinyl resurgence, I have begun to collect records as well. As somewhat of a traditionalist when it comes to listening to music, I am weary of streaming services. iTunes (not Apple Music, to be clear) was easy to support because you had to pay for the individual music you wanted to download.

Now with streaming services dominating the way people listen to music, I fear for the music industry and artists. I finally got a premium membership to Spotify in December and I really enjoy it. However, I still buy as many CDs as I always have and I buy music on iTunes.

I still own and use an iPod classic. I get that people listen to music on their phones and I do it too, but if you still download songs to your library, I do not see how people can have much music at all on their phones. There is not enough storage! My iPod can hold about 20,000 songs and I am a little nostalgic for the iPod/MP3 era.

One reason I finally gave into a Spotify premium account is because you have little control over what you can listen to on the mobile app. I most consistently listen to music while walking to and from class and it was pretty annoying not getting to pick which songs to play and which songs to skip.

Even though I still buy CDs, I would say I listen to music through Spotify mostly. Just as the displacement theory suggests, there is only so much time in a day and listening to music on Spotify has taken up most of the time I have to listen to music.


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