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Last semester, I used this blog to post for my digital journalism class. This semester, I will be posting for my communication technology class.

My feelings about communication technology are largely positive. I am definitely a big supporter of life with smartphones, laptops, and most importantly, the internet. I get so much joy and entertainment out of the content the internet makes available to me. I think that having access to a million different publications and voices is a really good thing for society most of the time. Even when it is not beneficial to society, I always believe it to be beneficial to me.

One thing I am really thankful for when it comes to communication technology is the way it connects you to people regardless of distance. I have made several very good friends through meeting them online in places such as Twitter. Over the summer, I even got to finally meet one of my very best friends I met on the internet!

Also, once you graduate high school and all of your friends move to different states and cities to go to college, communication technology makes a huge difference. I talk to my best friends every day and I would not be able to do that if it were not smartphones, social media, the internet, etc.

I do not necessarily seek out all the latest technology, but I am definitely interested in how it reaches mass audiences. I am also really interested in music technology.

This leads me to radio! Some of my fondest memories are of being in the car when my favorite song came on the radio and singing along to it. I find radio very interesting and I religiously keep up with the charts. However, now that we have bluetooth audio and auxiliary cords, I find myself much less likely to listen to the radio in the car. I just find the amount of commercial breaks unbearable and the pool of songs they play at one time too small. I love pop music, but I prefer to listen on my own terms and without annoying commercials.

I do not know if I think the future for AM and FM radio is dead yet. iHeartRadio has been pushing their campaign to keep radio relevant for years now and it seems that people still care about the radio. However, millenials like myself are pretty impatient due to growing up in the technology golden age, and I think waiting around for a song they like to come on or the commercial break to end is a little unrealistic. I would hate to see radio go, but I definitely do think satellite will be around for a long time.

Lilly Edwards


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