The Definitive Ranking of the Seasons

As we are making our way into the holiday season and winter weather, I have been thinking a lot about which seasons are the best. So, naturally, I felt like I had to share my opinion with the internet.

  1. Fall (or Autumn if you are classy) – I mean, this is a no-brainer. Fall is just the best. Fall has the best clothes. Fall has the best weather. Fall has the best holidays (looking at you, Halloween.) I feel like I have been reborn again every year once the weather gets colder and the leaves get warmer. Honestly, top notch season. Shout out to fall.thumb-1920-701428
  2. Winter – Similar to fall, but colder. Therefore, the clothes are also pretty good. The weather is also pretty good, but once March rolls around I am pretty tired of being frostbitten all the time. Winter does have one advantage over fall. Christmas. Christmas is a season in its own right, but for the sake of this list, I will just group it in with winter.christmas_pomeranian_dog_with_ornaments_in_mouth_wallpaper
  3. Summer – Let me get this straight. I hate hate the heat. So I am not summer’s biggest fan. BUT. Summer does mean vacation and I am 100% pro vacation. Also, summer does not mess around. It is just straight heat. So at least I know I am dressing to venture into the fourth level of hell every day. It’s always nice to have
  4. Spring – Spring is trash. Just a trash season. It is rainy. The day starts out at -200 degrees and ends up at 120 degrees. I am really not here for it. Some of the worst months are in spring. I mean, April? What a useless excuse of a month. The only good thing to come out spring is Spring Break, which is too short and too early in the year. Another thing about spring is the holidays suck. Easter is just lame. Too much pastel. Spring sucks.thumb-1920-255911

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