My Favorite Albums of The Year

The year is coming to an end which means year-end lists are going to start showing up any day now. I am getting a head start on mine. While I know there are several albums set to come out in the next month and a half, those albums will just have to deal with it. Sorry Little Mix (I made your album cover the featured image if it is any consolation.) Without further ado, here are my very favorite albums in order of release date from a wonderful year in music (and a terrible year in everything else.)

Anti – Rihanna | I had been waiting for this album for years and it did not disappoint. The production was very experimental for Rihanna and don’t we all love her for her edginess?


Don’t You – Wet | Wet front-woman Kelly Zutrau has some of the most raw and expressive vocals I’ve heard which makes Don’t You a very moving listen. I’m excited to hear more from this new band.


The Life of Pablo – Kanye West | Kanye is my favorite rapper and I’ve loved all the drama that was created out of making this work of art. He continuously makes albums that move hip hop music into new places and I love to hear where he goes with every one.


I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It – The 1975 | Honestly I hate this stupid title, but the music makes up for it. The 1975 smoothly progress into an 80s synth-pop sound with this sophomore record.


99¢ – Santigold | In one of the most fun albums I’ve listened to this year, Santigold makes you want to dance and sing in the mirror.


Beautiful Lies – Birdy | I have been very fascinated watching Jasmine van den Bogaerde transition from cover artist to artist in her own right the past few years. Beautiful Lies feels like the most authentic work she has released yet.


Cleopatra – The Lumineers | Another album I had waited forever for. The Lumineers make the kind of music that is just purely emotions and no added bells and whistles and Cleopatra is no exception.


Lemonade – Beyoncé | I mean, what can I even say? This is one of the best albums I have ever heard and one of the best I ever will hear.


Cloud Nine – Kygo | I have been following the young DJ’s work since seeing him at Forecastle a couple years ago and he is now one of the biggest EDM artists in the world. Cloud Nine proves why.


Dangerous Woman – Ariana Grande | The best thing about this album is it is so timeless. Ariana consistently makes great pop music and this is her best work so far.


7/27 – Fifth Harmony | The way I see it, Fifth Harmony is the future of American Top 40 music. 7/27 is a perfect pop/r&b hybrid.


50 – Rick Astley | Just kidding. I was looking through the list of albums released this year and couldn’t resist putting this on here. Who knew he still made music? Sorry Rick.

I Remember – AlunaGeorge | God, I love this album. Aluna Francis and George Reid really are the perfect pair. With her songwriting and his production, I Remember is a great listen from start to finish.


The Altar – Banks | Banks has been one of my favorite artists since her first album, Goddess, and I could not wait for this album to come out. It is more confident and powerful than her last and I love every second of it.


Joanne – Lady Gaga | I love Lady Gaga. Her releasing another album is one of the highlights of my year. While different from her previous hit records, Joanne is still so Gaga and that is what I love about it.



Lady Wood – Tove Lo | Tove Lo is one of the coolest girls (no pun intended) in pop music right now and Lady Wood sure does prove that risqué lyrics and fun beats.



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