10 Reasons Severus Snape Is The Worst Harry Potter Character

When it comes to Harry Potter, there is one thing that has always separated the fans. Is Severus Snape really the hero he was made out to be? Well, I am here to tell you that no, he is not the hero many think he is. Here is why:

  1. He treated Harry like absolute trash. From the moment Harry Potter met Severus Snape, Snape was cruel to Harry for no reason other than Harry reminded Snape of his father, James Potter, and the fact that he believed Harry to be the reason his obsession, Lily Evans, died.
  2. He was super creepy about Lily Evans. They were close friends from childhood, but Snape always wanted more and tried to control her. He only wanted to save her, not her infant son and her beloved husband, when he found out Voldemort intended to kill Harry Potter. This is further shown by his patronus, which mimicked Lily’s. Lily and James had complementary patronuses, a doe and a stag, while Snape’s patronus became a doe after Lily’s death. This is a perfect example of the difference between love and obsession.rs_1024x605-141212114211-1024-harry-potter-snape-lily-potter-jw-121214
  3. Speaking of Lily, he called her a mudblood! The worst slur in the wizarding world. This was the final straw for Lily, understandably, but he never stopped trying to force her to forgive him.
  4. He tried to expose Remus Lupin for being a werewolf during their time at Hogwarts. He only did this because he hated Lupin’s friends. Lupin never did anything to Snape that we saw in the books other than being there when Sirius and James would quarrel with Snape.
  5. He tried to expose Remus Lupin AGAIN, years later when they both taught at Hogwarts. He shamed Lupin for having an incurable disease, that J.K. Rowling later said was a metaphor for AIDS, just so you can put that in perspective. When he substituted for Lupin while Lupin was sick due to his disease, he taught the students about werewolves instead of what Lupin left for him to teach. This ended up costing Lupin his job.          4a2856d0d8_76367813_o2
  6. He only switched from being a Death Eater to an Order of The Phoenix member because Lily Evans was murdered by Voldemort. Had Lily not died, he never would have switched sides. Even though he was a great help to the Order through his work as a double agent, he still hated the Order and what it stood for.
  7. He thought Lily owed him something more than friendship because he was a good friend. First of all, not really a good friend at all. I hope we can agree on that. Second of all, she didn’t owe him anything just because he was nice to her.
  8. He was so abusive to students that Neville Longbottom’s boggart was Snape himself. A boggart is a manifestation of your greatest fear. It is completely abnormal for a student to be so scared of their teacher that the teacher is that student’s nightmare. Of course, Snape was only horrible to the students that were not on his favorites list.
  9. Lots of people in the book series had horrible things happen to them and none of them joined a terrorist group. Snape’s childhood was less than ideal, but that does not allow him a reason to join a racist terrorist group.
  10. The only reason he did anything good was due to his vendetta against Voldemort, not because he thought it was the right thing to do. Snape never did good things for moral reasons. All the good things everyone uses to explain why Snape is actually a good person were only done out of revenge. Does that make him a good person? Really?

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