Girl Groups And Singing Competitions

During the 1990s, girl groups were constantly at the top of the charts. Prolific groups like Destiny’s Child, TLC, and The Spice Girls were some of the most iconic musical artist of the 90s.


However, by the early 2000s, girl groups were no longer dominating the Top 40 charts. Other than the outlier of The Pussycat Dolls who found their greatest success during this time period, it appeared that the reign of girl groups was no longer.


Thankfully, in 2016, we seem to be in another golden age of girl group pop. Fifth Harmony, of the United States, and Little Mix, of the United Kingdom, are providing pure pop anthems for American and UK radio alike.

As an avid fan of pop music of all kinds, I am very excited about and fascinated by this resurgence. When I sat down to write this, I began to wonder what had changed.

One thing that Fifth Harmony and Little Mix, the two biggest girl groups in western pop music right now, have in common is that they both originated on The X Factor. All of the girls auditioned separately and were placed into a group by the judges.


During the earlier years of American Idol produced some huge names in music such as Kelly Clarkson. The success of music competition shows’ artists began to decline after those years, however.

When Simon Cowell started the trend of putting solo performers together on his own show, The X Factor, acts from competitive singing shows began to gain commercial popularity again.

It would wrong of me to mention this phenomenon without also mentioning One Direction, but I am more fascinated by Little Mix and Fifth Harmony.

Within the pop genre, K-Pop has had numerous successful girl groups in recent history. Hopefully this girl group revival continues on into the future of music of all kinds.


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