Adopting Manny

This past spring semester I was set on traveling to London to study abroad for the 2016 fall semester. I was beyond excited to start a new adventure.

Obviously, that did not end up happening. As it happens, I ended up adopting a senior dog instead. As an animal lover, I follow the Humane Society on social media. I noticed they had posted about a dog that was up for adoption. He was called ‘Manny’ and was an eight-year-old Pomeranian mix.IMG_7531.PNGAfter they posted the adorable photo of Manny, I found myself checking back daily to see if he had been adopted yet. My heart broke a little more every day I saw that he had not been. Finally I made a decision. If Manny had not been adopted by the end of the week, I would adopt him myself.

For the past couple years I had been really interested in adopting a senior dog. Because everyone wants a puppy when they go to shelters, the senior and adult dogs go unnoticed and sit in the shelters for months or even years.

So I decided that London could wait, but Manny could not.

img_8845Adopting a senior dog is different from the previous experiences I have had owning dogs. While my childhood dog lived well into her senior years, I had known her since she was a puppy. With Manny, we did not really have any idea what his life had been like leading up to our adoption of him.

img_9755It has been challenging at times trying to learn how to properly take care of a senior dog, but it has mostly been really fun. I don’t know how long Manny will live. While I hope he lives many more years, it is mostly important that these upcoming years are the best of his life.


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