The Year of Beyoncé

On April 23rd of this year, Beyoncé’s sixth studio album Lemonade was released as an hour long special aired on HBO. Just yesterday, Lemonade won eight of the ten MTV Video Music Awards for which it was nominated. Most notably, the video for Lemonade’lead single “Formation” won Video of The Year.


From her Superbowl cameo to her Formation World Tour, it has clearly been the year of Beyoncé. The release of Lemonade practically put the world on hold while we all reveled in her unrivaled artistry and came up with our own theories about her marriage to rapper and business mogul, Jay Z.

Last night in New York City, the VMAs featured a medley performance of Lemonade by the queen herselfIt was yet another iconic show-stealing performance by Queen Bey met with rave reviews. The fifteen minute long performance finished with an aerial shot revealing her backup dancers in the shape of a female symbol.


Beyoncé has always been a strong advocate for women, but she has really solidified her stance as a feminist in her last two albums, Beyoncé and Lemonade. She had a similar moment at the 2014 VMAs in which she stood proudly in front of a large screen projecting the word ‘feminist’ during her performance promoting her last album, Beyoncé.

2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

What is interesting about Beyoncé is her ability to continue her rise to the top despite how far she has already gotten. While her 2014 VMAs performance was iconic in its own right, this year’s performance has further proven that Beyoncé will continue outdoing herself and shocking the world in years to come. While 2016 has so far proven to be the year of Beyoncé, it is clear it will not be the last of its kind.


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